August 2011
Lina Medical chose us as their future partner

New stand concept for Lina Medical creates the cooperation for the coming years. For the current activities, we have in collaboration with Lina Medical developed a simple stand concept that can be adjusted as needed. The stand concept will be used for exhibitions and conference activities. Colors and furniture are simple and emphasize the concept and the company brand. Big graphic surfaces form the back wall and visualize product environments and provide inspiration.  
We look forward to the future activities in September in Milan and London. We also look forward to an exciting and constructive cooperation.

July 2011
Ecco Sko A/S expands its exhibition activities

We have prolonged our cooporation with Ecco Sko A/S for the next three years. Ecco Sko A/S will both participate in the Outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen and the ISPO fair in Munich. Two important international fairs for Ecco Sko A/S.
The stand concept has been spiced up and the changes help to highlight the different universes. The concept is very flexible and can adapt both to changing stand area and color change so the design matches the displayed products.
We look forward to another exciting year with Ecco Sko A/S

June 2011
Unique stand concept for Nuance A/S

The input from the customer was: different, bold and Scandinavian.
We decided to have an internal competition which resulted in three very different concepts: “Bird’s nest”, “Garden of eden” and “Snail shell”. The concepts were received very positively, and the customer was thrilled. The design of the concepts all highlighted the strong brand of Nuance and will most definitely create a lot of attention at the fairs.
However, the process ended abruptly, when Fleggaard Group sold Nuance A/S to F&H of Scandinavia June 1st this year. The developed concepts are fine to be used for different projects. 
We want to thank Nuance A/S for the good and exciting collaboration over the years during the numerous activities both in Denmark and abroad.

February 2011
EuroShop 2011

EuroShop is a global retail trade fair for the following industries: Fairs and events, shop fitting, decoration, etc. EuroShop takes place every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany, and is one of the most important fairs for the industries taking part. With 106,000 visitors and 2,038 exhibitors, this year’s trade fair was the biggest EuroShop of all times.
Nicolaysen Messedesign was also present at the fair in the form of an e-book at the FAMAB stand (Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation). An online book presenting all the member companies of FAMAB. We were also represented as a sponsor at the IFES stand (International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services) in the form of a large banner.
EuroShop is an interesting trade fair that offers an abundance of inspiring news, creative ideas and not least networking with colleagues, business partners and suppliers.

October 2010
Adam & Eva Award 2010

In the field of fairs and exhibitions, Adam & Eva is regarded by many as the German answer to the US Oscar Academy Awards within the world of films. At this year’s Adam & Eva Award 1,200 people from the line of business participated, which made 2010 the year with the highest number of participants so far. The nominated projects were divided into different categories, each consisting of bronze, silver and gold awards. This year, the Adam & Eva Awards was located at the congress centre “Rosengarten” in Mannheim. The magnificent architecture of the “Rosengarten”, which is located in the heart of the city, created great publicity. Furthermore, the most modern communications equipment is found in the congress centre.
Again this year, the evening was rounded off with a culinary experience, also offering constructive networking and exchange of specialist knowledge amongst the many colleagues.

July 2010
Expo Shanghai

The theme of the world exhibition in Shanghai is ”Better City, Better Life”. More than 200 nations are represented on a 5.5 square kilometer area in downtown Shanghai where the culture, industry and economy of each individual nation are presented. With focus on “the City and City Life”, the many visitors have the possibility of seeing, hearing and feeling other cities and cultures. 70 million people from all over the world are expected to visit the Expo during the six exhibition months.
Nicolaysen Messedesign participated at the Expo together with 30 international colleagues. We experienced the largest Expo so far. Famab hosted the entire trip: Right from the flight to Shanghai through guided VIP tours of the pavilions and outside event areas to the return flight home. In just three days, we managed to see 28 very exciting pavilions. The theme pavilions contained everything right from exciting presentation techniques to amazing architecture. Especially the Chinese and Chilean pavilions caused a sensation. With the exquisite architecture and interesting choice of material, no one was in doubt as to which country the pavilions represented. Visiting Expo Shanghai has been an unforgettable experience that we will all remember for many months to come.

May 2010
My First Porsche…

Great design, perfect architecture, exquisite materials, uncompromising quality and beautiful shapes. During May 2010, Famab held an international Chapter meeting in Stuttgart during which various issues of the exhibition industry were discussed. Following this, we visited the Porsche Museum and were given a top tuned tour including the history about the founder, Ferdinand Porsche. A super innovative and provocative construction where nothing is left to chance. Everything is well thought out to the last detail – just like the cars. Finally, we enjoyed a lovely dinner together with our colleagues in the Porsche restaurant “Christophorus”. Exquisite wine and fresh ingredients. Delicious and well prepared – at human prices 02.30 – over and out.
P.S. Every man dreams of owning a Porsche. That is why I bought one - in the colour red.

January 2010
The Domotex Trade Fair

STARCK by Fletco – quote by Philippe Starck:  “I like to open the doors to people’s brain”. At the Domotex trade fair in Hannover, Fletco Tæpper A/S displayed its unique carpet tile concept designed by Philippe Starck. The concept was displayed in a simple and minimalistic way. The basic idea of the carpet tile concept is that the customer may choose and combine tiles from the collection creating unique and individual flooring solutions. Read more about the concept on

November 2009
Adam & Eva Award 2009

Nicolaysen Messedesign A/S participated as a guest at the Adam & Eva Award 2009. 1,000 colleagues from all parts of Germany were represented. This is an event that no one in our line of business should miss out on.
The Adam & Eva Award is an award show at which the newest presentation techniques with light and laser effects are presented. Adam represents fair and exhibition companies and Eva event agencies. The award show is hosted and organized by “FAMAB” = Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation (German association for direct business communication). This year, the nominations were divided into different categories depending on size and extent. Each category consisted of bronze, silver and gold awards.
The evening was rounded off with an extraordinary culinary experience. All in all an inspiring evening in social settings, which at the same time offered constructive networking and exchange of specialist knowledge amongst the many colleagues.

November 2009
New Storage Hotel

On 15 December 2009, we will start using our new 550m² warehouse and parking facilities. The warehouse is an independent building located on a recently acquired site directly affiliated with our present domicile. The architecture and the choice of material have of course been adjusted to the present building.
We look forward to using our new warehouse, which will ease our daily operation in relation to loading and unloading goods.

October 2009
Pytha user meeting

What is Pytha? Pytha is a 3D CAD programme used for designing photorealistic concepts.
People from all around the world were represented at the Pytha ”Anwendertreffen” in Aschaffenburg, Germany. In creative and exciting settings, the new and improved version 20 from Pytha, also known as the “rEVOLUTION”, was introduced.
Five different workshops provided the Pytha attendees with useful information concerning new developments, tips and tricks. It was an exciting and inspiring day, and with the participation of 170 creative individualists from around the world needless to say this was a solid foundation for exchanging tips, creative ideas and experiences. We were happy to have the opportunity of establishing new contacts, both nationally and internationally.
The day was rounded off with a Pytha Gala, which was just as exciting as the rest of the day. At the gala, the guests were offered delicious foods and drinks spiced with fun entertainment.
For the participants from Nicolaysen Messedesign A/S the Pytha ”Anwendertreffen” was an informative day, which offered constructive networking, many good experiences and the possibility of having an insight into the future.

June 2009
The co-operation in connection with the Medica fair in Düsseldorf continues until 2011

A new conceived concept for the alliance booth stand offers all functions the exhibitors are in need of. They can choose their technical installations, different product presentation capability, graphic and logo, correct light adjustments and common facilities.
The material combination is interesting and gives the booth a Scandinavian and transparent look. The colour choice is light and friendly and the red colour carpet and the ceiling construction are in the Danish national colours.
The new concept will be used at the Medica fair in Düsseldorf 2009 for the first time.
A great thanks to the Royal Danish consulate in Munich for a good and constructive team work since 1999.
We are very pleased that our concept was chosen.   

April 2009
New skandinavian concept saves co-operation

The input of the challenge was: Scandinavian design, organic forms, functional, pure shoe presentation, clear graphic messages, new combination of materials, possibility of changing the colours, a self - service lounge area, flexibility on the booth which can be used for other exhibition- and event activities.
In April we presented the new concept which was meet with enthusiasm, small changes were decided followed by the production.
The new concepts will be shown at the OUTDOOR fair in Friedichshafen in July 2009.
Thanks to ECCO SKO A/S for an exciting teamwork during many years, we look forward to the upcoming challenges.

March 2009
International networking

In March 2009 the Exhibition Show at the Mandalay Bay Convention center in Las Vegas was hold. The exhibition is the largest and most important trade fair for the exhibition industry and marketing events in America. FAMAB, Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation, was participating with a common booth on 300 square meters where 16 German exhibitor companies where presented. 
The purpose with this attending was to show the American people that exhibitions in Germany is something special, where design, new trends, exciting material combinations  and hospitality is very important.
Las Vegas, which lies in the middle of the American desert, exudes of design, architecture and different cultures which meets and unit. Light, shows and action is the characteristic of “The Strip” which might be the most characteristic street in the world concerning hotels - the architect matches the hotels theme… an experience you must see. The city is constantly changing nothing is impossible in this city.
The purpose with this participating was to create new contacts to international exhibition companies, suppliers and to nurse the existing connections with colleagues form all over the world.   

March 2009
Inspiration and further education

In March two of our creative heads have been on an inspiration-and education tour to south Germany.
We got an intensive upgrade in our software “Pytha”, heard about the latest news in the program and worked out our skills.
The Hugo Boss city Metzingen is the biggest outlet city in Europe, all international important brands are arranged at this place. We were confronted with amazing architectures and visual provocations. We got a lot of input and energy for upcoming projects by the overall impression and experience we made.
After a few informative and inspiring days we turned home again.

February 2009
Extension of co-operation

The new concept gave consent to extend the cooperation for the Ambiente in Frankfurt and Formland in Herning until 2011.
The black colour on the walls and floor gives a distinctive contrast to the white inventory. The mint-green satin acryl-panels matches the graphics and gives the booth a fresh touch.
Thanks to Nuance for a good and exciting team work during the years, with the new concept we are sure that the upcoming exhibition activities will be a success.

October 2008
Simple and Minimalistic Design

Innovative and inviting … Gubi will show you the way. One of the most photographed and media covered stands at the Orgatec 2008 fair.

February 2005
Booth Award Winner with smoke and mole

Already from the first day there was focus on the large booth in Indianapolis. Gigantic boxes with fairmaterials and machinery took up plenty of space in the fairhalls. Although some of the boxes arrived late and had some damage the spirit and mood was good on the fitters-, designers- and directorsteam. Smoke and steam soon made action in the hall. The mold Cooper was busy playing around in the green grass which had just arrived from Florida. Around the huge and heavy machinery on the booth a merchandiser split the booth into the two areas "DESERT" and "RAINFOREST" using sand, lavastones, palmtrees etc. After 3 busy fairdays the salesstaff and management was very happy and satisfied. It has been a success. As an extra bonus the company received the titel: Booth Award Winner 2005.