Bread & Buttter Berlin

- one of the largest and most important fashion fairs in Europe. During this three-day fair, several hundred brands meet and all compete to be seen. This is where the VIP fashion freaks of Europe meet. Amongst the exhibiting brands were ICHI and b.young. These two brands shared a stand of 132 square metres, equally divided between the two. Each brand had its own theme, which was visualised through graphics and decorations.
ICHI’s neon coloured and illuminated logo added extra life to the graphic wall at the back. The neon colour was also used for the decorations of the inner and outer walls of the stand, making the stand visible from a long distance.
b.young had aimed to create a look of a theatre and managed to display this theme in a unique way. The stand consisted of a stage with black floor boards. At the back of the stand was a 5.5 metre high wall with stage graphics. Together with a stage curtain, magnificent lighting helped create a look of a real theatre.