The Iceberg in the Ice Ocean at the Orgatec 2010

HOWE jumped into the ice cold ocean – and became a roaring success.
HOWE had an idea and a concept: FREE THINKING. The USP’s (marketing concept) of HOWE are Truly individual solutions, Optimising space and Liberating Living. But how are these concepts visualised in the best possible way? This is quite simple. We constructed a 6 metres high iceberg using 6,000 acrylic blocks. Inside the iceberg were the necessary storage and kitchen facilities. The logos were anchored to the outside of the iceberg, and in order to underline changeability and life, HOWE’s ice cave was illuminated from the inside with LED moving heads. The iceberg was surrounded by organic ice floes symbolising the never ending ocean of possibilities. The hidden LED light underneath the differently levelled floor created an atmosphere of peace and possibilities and helped visualise floating and mobile ice floes. Placed both on top of the ice floes and in between the ice floes, the furniture in carefully selected colours helped underline HOWE’s view on creative utilisation of space and thereby create the heart of the scenery. With the aid of 2,5 tonnes of technique, an effective and perfect lighting of the furniture and of the stand itself was achieved enabling the visitors to float from one experience to the other. The idea was for the visitors to experience HOWE as a living, attentive organism able to handle any wish within the field of tables and chairs. 

(Partner project with scenographer Karen Noeberg,